Kyocera torino 111111

6. ledna 2013 v 3:05

Kyocera bei

Kyocera torino 111111


I just got a Kyocera Torino on MetroPCS, and was wondering if there's a "hidden" menu yeah we should try and see if maybe we can load android os on it Not

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Kyocera S2300

Kyocera torino 111111

How to hard reset Kyocera torino s2300? -.
Kyocera s2300 menu. I was fiddling with the phone menu and it said typ. i opened the menu and there were two options typ1 or typ2 i checked 2 to see what would happen
Kyocera Torino S2300 Drivers Kyocera's 2300 Torino

How to reset kyocera domino metro pcs.

Kyocera Torino unlocking/modding question

Kyocera Torino User Manual Someone said: someone already answered that question up in the post power off phone while holding the up vol. and send the one with the u looking phone keep hold
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Kyocera bei
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